Miniature Sculptures

Graceful, expressive sculptures ideal for the home or office in bronze, cultured marble, ceramic, cold cast bronze, for example.

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"Parade Route"

Beatific_Biker_a.jpg (34973 bytes)


"Beatific Biker"

Shadow_of_Grace_a.jpg (56085 bytes)


"Shadow of Grace"

Pig_Wallow_Fountain_b_front.jpg (64256 bytes)


"Pig Wallow Fountain"

Gary_Thompsoni_ISU_Basketball_a.jpg (37731 bytes)


"Gary Thompson"

Dan_Gable_a.jpg (36078 bytes)


"Dan Gable"


"Nile Kinnick"

Henry_Anson_a.jpg (32601 bytes)


"Henry Anson"


"Prayer in Flight"

"A Quiet Moment"


Waiting_for_the_Check_a.jpg (34112 bytes)

"Waiting for the Check"

"An Old, Old Story"

Pokey.JPG (23576 bytes)


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