Bennett Studio


Bennett Studio specializes in commemorative bronze
and classic wildlife monumental sculpture

Bennett Studio, an Iowa sculptor, can design wildlife monumental sculpture, memorials and monuments, commemoratives, and miniature reproductions. Commissions, and original design multiple requests, accepted. Expert architectural, landscape, and fountain design colaboration.

Bennett's dream is to establish a school for classical figurative sculpture with an adjoining sculpture park filled with life-size bronzes. The park would be located in a natural wooded area, somewhat remote, but accessible. In line with his religious beliefs, Bennett would have the sculpture in the park reflect the stories, parables, psalms, and proverbs of the Bible, as well as abstract designs meant to convey his spiritual insights. He would like to involve the students in this future school in all aspects of designing the park and it, feature compositions, from small models to the making of molds and bronze casting, or stone and wood carving.